Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Few items of daily use that you can recycle

Every single contribution in recycling of the used and waste products can help in saving natural resources. It is important that everyone starts reusing the existing and waste products to reproduce into new goods. Go searching your household, you will find numerous objects which are waste, but can be recycled. Not only the old papers, waste bottles, plastic bags, aluminum cans, used batteries, car tires, and textiles but even your computers, washing machines and mobiles can also be recycled into new products.
Here’s a list of items, which are of regular use by most of us, and can be recycled and reproduced.


All kinds of batteries can be recycled. The list includes:
Rechargeable batteries
Alkaline batteries
Lithium Ion (Used in watches and hearing aids)
Nickel Cadmium batteries
Lead Acid batteries
Laptop batteries.
The only precaution to be taken is to tape the batteries to prevent fire while in their collection and transportation.
E waste:
If you plan to upgrade the electronic items of your daily use, do not dump them, rather put them in a recyclable bin around you. These include:
Televisions and VCRs
Copiers, CRTs, CPUs
Stereos and DVD players
Laptops and Fax machines
Before sending e-waste for recycling, it is important to ensure that you have deactivated the property office stickers and erased the hard disk.
Textiles and clothing:
All the textiles and clothing used at home can be recycled.
Plastic bags and products:
Plastics are cheap and easy to produce, but it is non bio-degradable. Plastics can be melted, reshaped and reused. The easily recyclable home use plastics are;
Bubble wraps
Deflated air packets
Journal or magazine wraps
Plastic bags
Electronic appliances:
Recycling electronic items is not only cumbersome but also labor intensive process. It includes separating many components from the equipment as well as dealing with toxic materials like Lead, Mercury and chemical refrigerants. Though, the specialist companies do this at nominal rates. Some of these are:
Washing machines
Mobile phones
Incubators and other large metal appliances
Aluminum cans:
The best reason why aluminum can recycle is advisable because they save almost 95 percent of the energy used for producing new cans. Mining and refining Bauxite, the ore for Aluminum, not only takes huge effort but causes great deal of pollution too.
Automobile waste:
Automobile waste is toxic for soil and can also cause fire hazards. Tires are recycled into crumbs to give fake soil effect which are further produced into artificial turfs for Football ground. The tires are being widely used for landscaping as well.
These recyclable daily use products are first collected and sorted. There are a few materials which are salvaged from the complex products like: Gold from computer components, Lead from the car batteries. Recyclable bins, Buy-back centers and curb side collection methods are used to collect the recyclable items.
Since the realization has set the mood to save the world from pollution and conserve natural resources, every individual should contribute towards it. This we can begin by recycling our daily use products.
About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is passionate about green living. She is a big fan of vehicles based on the concept of green design and plans to own one soon.


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