Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! Over one billion people in 192 countries are participating!  How are YOU Going Green?
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Guest Author Alia: A future investment: Solar panel to shoot up your House

Solar panels are actually assemblies of photovoltaic cells to generate electric supply in residential and commercial applications. Each panel is rated according to its DC output. A solar panel is a long-term future investment by the smart owners to their houses. Solar panel is not only a big investment but also a valuable investment for the future. This solar panel also helps to improve the greeneries of the house. Solar panels are eco-friendly and do not emit green-house gases. Solar panels are more effective in areas of direct sunlight.
Beneficial areas for using solar panels
Solar panels are used for the production of electricity. Solar panels help to reduce the electricity bills. During the presence of direct sunlight Solar panel provide electricity for the household utility. Solar panels are renewable resources till the presence of direct sunlight. Solar panels reduce carbon footprint. Solar panel does not emit any type of carbon footprint or gases as generator emits. Thus they are ecofriendly and silent. There are no such moving parts in the solar panel that may cause noise and are also easy for the maintenance. It greatly reduces the regular electric bills which is a center of attraction for all the members.
Efficiency of the solar panels
Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells. Efficiency of solar panel must be greater than the efficiency of individual solar cells. Solar panels are made out of silicon which makes it efficient. Efficiency of solar panels can be increased with the help of mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline. Both mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline produces solar cells but mono-crystalline makes more efficient solar panel compared to multi-crystalline as mono-crystalline consist of only one type of silicon which is completely pure and more efficient. Another point that affects the efficiency of the solar panel is anti-reflection coatings.
Advantages of solar panels
Solar panels are renewable, clean and are a natural resource. It is ecofriendly and helps grow greeneries. It does not harm nature in any way. It also helps in reducing electricity bill. This way it helps to save money and is also economically beneficial. Solar energy is naturally made from the direct sunrays so it needs no extra gases or anything. Using solar panels helps individual saving ton money. This is a great advantage for the people. It is eco-friendly and help protecting the surrounding area from global-warming. Investing money in solar panel can also be called as a future investment. As in future solar panel helps to supply electricity to the nearby houses. It does not emit any carbon components so no harm to the environment. It also helps in saving tax.
Reasons for solar panel to be a good investment
Solar panel is a good investment for the house as it reduces electricity bill permanently. So it is really a good investment. Solar panels of present generation are not very expensive. Solar panels are now designed in such a way that it becomes less costly than earlier time. Installation of solar panel will not only be economically beneficial but also help in conserving natural energy. Saving electricity bill on a regular basis is actually a bonus for long time for a person. By using solar panels emission of harmful gases are reduced and at the same time environment is becoming pollution free.
Designs of solar panels
Cost of solar panels fall at a very fast rate. Earlier solar panels use to cost much more than what it cost now. Solar panels got many new designs for mounting solar panels on the rooftop at a low price. The new designs of solar panels greatly reduce and eliminate many tools and hardware of the system. So it is easier for installation now. Mounting solar panels on the roof top needs anchoring long metal racks to roof for creating a fine framework which will help in making panel angled towards the sun and remain together. Racks must be electrically ground. These new designing og solar panels makes it easier and cheaper to install.
Solar panels are very useful in every respect. One must try to install solar panel as it is very easy to install and it leads to long-term saving. Solar panels not only help in saving money but also help in saving the environment. It does not have much maintenance cost and at the same time it have life-long warranty. It gets all its energy from the direct sunlight. It is a renewable resource. So after purchasing there is no further monetary investment for the future. It is really a good and economically beneficial investment for the future for every person.
About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books.