Saturday, July 24, 2010

Go Green, Go Electric!

The Racing Green Endurance (RGE) team and Radical Sports cars have built a stunning SRZero electric sportscar. The team is driving the 400bhp twin-motor supercar the full 26,000 km length of the Pan-American Highway, from Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, to the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia. They left Anchorage July 1st and were cruising the Golden Gate Bridge July 23. The goal is to be the first electric car to travel the full length of the Pan American Highway and to communicate sustainability and adventure while educating all along the way!

Electric vehicles have the potential to realize a sustainable transport future, without depleting valuable resources for future generations. The RGE project aims to demonstrate this while pushing the boundaries of EV technology.

The team wants to help encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers through our outreach program. They plan to use the RGE project as an exhilarating example of where maths and science can take you.

The Radical SRZero aims to be the world’s most focused, fun-to-drive alternative propulsion vehicle. By taking on this epic journey, they hope to add a sense of excitement and get people interested in electric vehicles.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Environmentalists protest green energy?!?

Recent efforts to green energy and industry have raised questions if changing production method is sufficient for sustainability. For example, Earth First! activists in Maine oppose a large-scale wind farm. What?! you might say. But here are some of their reasons. What do you think?

Matt Wilkerson lists some of his reasons for joining in the protest.

  • It is important to make clear that this action was not against ALL wind. It was against corporate run industrial wind projects that impact rural communities and sensitive ecosystems. We are in full support of small scale, community run wind projects.
  • The wind power being built in Maine is not replacing any fossil fuel plants. It is all additional capacity, so in reality no emissions are being reduced. We would be far better off reducing consumption and improving efficiency rather than producing more electricity
  • These wind farms are being built in sensitive wild areas that are home to the endangered lynx and migratory birds as well as rare alpine ecosystems. We can't ignore the impacts that industrial wind has on an ecosystem. We cannot write these impacts off as collateral damage.
  • The wind farms are being built by Transcanada, a major player in the Alberta tar sands. These wind farms are not producing electricity for Maine. It is all being sold to other states. Maine residents shouldn't have to have their wildlands carved up so that an oil company can greenwash its image while turning a profit selling electricity to the grid.

Two different paths towards the same goal of raising awareness about climate change and renewable energy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Solar Chargers!

Green Home has on sale one of our favorite products - the Solio Solar Charger. This week only, they are offering it for $75. Solio is the first, and still is the best, consumer-friendly, affordable, efficient, and stylish portable power supply for over 3,000 different hand held devices, including all cell phones, PDAs, cameras, music players, GPS devices - anything small you take with you that needs a charge! It closes up into a small portable package, then opens like a flower and lays flat. Charge your things using NO ELECTRICITY for FREE -from the sun!
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