Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Green building costs can decrease with growing popularity, good planning

It is the need of the hour to have the best eco friendly and energy efficient homes. Earlier on, it was considered that only naturalists and tree hugging individuals preferred to stay in Green Buildings and people living in Green Buildings was not a very common sight;
But all this has changed drastically with the changing times as people now a days are becoming more and more environment conscious and are even ready to shell out extra dollars to buy a place in a green building. As living in green buildings is becoming a normal trend in today’s time, it would not come in as a surprise if the prices of constructing a green building would actually fall with the increase in demand.

Today, many individuals and firms are opting to incorporate new and efficient energy saving models and concepts in their buildings. They are not just trying to save energy but to also stay ahead of the competition, as it is believed that soon, having a green house would be very much in vogue and thus there would be a great demand for green homes in the near future.

The green buildings in today’s times are unlike the ones in history. They are more sophisticated, modern, self sustained and highly advanced with a flair for nature’s essence and are more energy efficient than their traditional counterparts. Special measures are taken to incorporate the usage of renewable sources of energy in them to take care of a part of their energy needs for a cleaner and greener energy production for the purpose of self usage. Through better and efficient planning of the buildings, their costs can be easily reduced by the optimum utilization of the available resources.

Mostly, solar energy is used to produce energy in the Green Buildings and amounts to almost 90 percent of the total energy production but depending on the location of the building other natural sources like wind are also harnessed. Architects are now very seriously incorporating new and better design ideas for creation of even better Green Buildings.

The level of ignorance about the usage of solar power, to take care of the energy expenses, is fast decreasing as the people are slowly but steadily becoming more and more aware of the benefits of living in a green building. Even environment groups have contributed in spreading the knowledge about clean energy and the benefits of living in a Green Building. Even the Federal Government’s Energy Ratings System has popularized the awareness of Green Buildings. The U S Green Building Council has a unique Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design concept that looks into the energy efficiency of the constructed buildings in the U S by evaluating their usage of natural resources, their ability of conservation of energy, water and even building materials, and their carbon footprint. All these Green Buildings are L E E D certified on the basis of their energy efficiency and their capacity of energy generation by a perpetual and cleaner medium like the Sun. With so many efforts being put into the Popularization of the Green Building concept. The day is not far when they would be very much in demand, and once their construction gains speed and momentum the average cost would also come down significantly.

Energy efficiency and conservation of all available resources is the need of the hour and the Concept of Green Buildings not only uses it but also makes it a very feasible alternative to the present common way of construction of buildings where resources are wasted. The U S Government is seriously looking to make the Green Buildings popular by the introduction of the L E E D certification of the buildings. Energy efficiency and conservation along with the usage of Solar energy for self sustainability is slowly gaining popularity, and looking at the trend it can be easily said that soon the demand for a greener home would increase many folds and as a result the costs would significantly come down and what is needed is better planning and realization of the potential market of the aware citizens who wish to have a home in Green Buildings. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is an ardent follower of eco friendly existence. Being an eco friendly enthusiast, she prefers to own only organic clothes and accessories in her closet.

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