Thursday, November 15, 2012

Does your printing cause global warming?

These days, Global Warming is one of the most talked about topics, be that on international summit or a school debate. The term ‘Global Warming’ refers to a certain phenomenon where the overall average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere gets inexplicably and unnaturally high. The increase of the amount of Greenhouse gases is deemed to be the reason behind this, according to most researchers and scientists. Apart from many physical and environmental effects such as volcanoes, glacier retreat and shifting, extreme weathers and earthquakes et cetera, Global warming has forced authorities and world leaders to go the ‘green’ way in many fields of sustainable development.

How does paper industry affect the climate?
Paper is the most important ingredient in the printing industry. The manufacturing procedure of papers is a complicated process that begins with deforestation. A simple fact is that 42% of wood is eventually used in order to manufacture paper so that it could satisfy the need of printing industry. Now, the world’s forests acts as a shield when it comes to repel the causes of global warming. It’s not only the gases but many other atmospheric particles that are classified under ‘Greenhouse’. But, statistics say that half of world’s forests have been burned or cleared in order to supply wood to various industries including the printing industry. Also, the little amount of forest left is still subject to deforestation threats. Now, with the increasing amount of deforestation the emission of these harmful gases increases too. Thus with the increased amount of greenhouse gases the temperature also rises radically.

Go Green solution:
It was high time and the world leaders, politicians and industrialists did realize the ill-disguised blessings of rapid industrialization. So, there have been many initiatives in the printing industry that resulted less deforestation and eco-friendly development. Recycling is the main factor of this ‘Go green’ movement. It was realized that it is best for humanity and the world if already used papers are recycled for fresh usage. A simple but astounding fact is that recycling ensured 38% less emission of greenhouse gases and 50% less of wastage of water. The various competing business enterprises of printing industries agreed upon this Green printing solution in order to sustain a better world and future.

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