Friday, April 22, 2011


Just in time for Earth Day, TreeLiving's Mia, the 11 year old host of Mia's Show, would like to share her 10 simple ways that kids and their families can celebrate Earth Day this year.

By Mia, host of's family eco series "Mia Show'

1. Start out Earth Day by taking a shorter shower.

2.Wear all green or earth-friendly clothing. If you don't already own something then check out your local vintage or used clothing stores rather than buying something new.

3. Carpool to and from school with your friends.

4. Try giving up meat for the day and eat only vegetarian foods.

5. Turn off the TV and go play outside! Visit your local parks and plan a family picnic; go on a family bike ride around your neighborhood; or go on a garbage walk with your family and pick up all of the trash you find along the way.

6. Check out your local library. Many are providing free Earth Day story hours and make sure to read a copy of Dr. Seuss’s "The Lorax" and other earth-friendly books while there.

7. Did you know that batteries can be recycled? Visit your local recycling center and learn what other items besides cans and bottles they accept.

8. Use that recycling money you just earned by purchasing some flower and vegetable seeds and plant a garden. If you don't have a yard, almost everything can be planted in containers. Look around your house to see what containers (old tin cans, jars, etc) would make good pots and plant away!

9. Visit your local zoo or aquarium. Most offer special Earth Day activities and learn first-hand about the natural environment, plants and animals living there and why it's important to save them.

10. In the evening, light some candles and turn off all electricity for at least one hour. Play some board or cards games by candlelight with your family.

About Mia

She may be only 11 years old, but Mia is not your ordinary pre-teen. Between studying for her spelling and math tests, she is host of the environmentally conscious Internet series, "Mia's Show." From Ed Begley Jr. to Lisa Ling, Mia interviews celebrities and other "green" enthusiasts, spreading the word to teach kids, and adults alike, all about green living. Her series airs on and tackles tough issues in a language that both kids and adults can understand. She is NOT an actress, just your average 5th grade girl who is doing everything she can to make the planet a better place for future generations. Her high-energy personality and love of Mother Earth have made Mia, not only an entertaining host to watch, but also the perfect spokesperson for the next generation of environmentalists.

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